June 16, 2008


SEO Tools to Help You Make Money Online

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By: Michael Kwan

There are tons of tools out there that can help you optimize your website and maximize your profits. John says that there are really only two critical components to having a successful website (or blog). First, you need to generate traffic. Second, you need to monetize that traffic. Over the course of this review, we’ll have a look at three tools that address both of these core areas.

Spying on the Competition

Have you ever had a burning suspicion that the person who runs one website is also the same person that runs something else? If the sites are hosted on different servers and have different WHOIS information, site ownership can be pretty well masked from the public. Even so, most webmasters who specialize in MFA (Made for AdSense) sites still use the same Google AdSense account across their entire portfolio. And AdsSpy can do that cross-referencing for you.

AdsSpy.com current tracks over 400,000 Google AdSense domains, as well as numerous accounts from AdBrite, Chitika, YPN, Kontera, and more. In effect, you can spy on the competition and see what other projects they may have running in the wings. For example, by throwing www.johnchow.com into the search field, I am able to discover that he uses the same AdSense account on thetechzone.com and laptopgamers.com. Most of you know about TTZ, but did you know about Laptop Gamers?

The basic report does not provide all of the information. Instead, it will only show how many domains (and subdomains) are associated with a particular publisher ID. To gain access to the full report, you’ll need to a pay. You can either order based on the number of reports you need or you can get unlimited access for a certain number of days. Prices range from $4.95 for a single report to $199.95 for 180 days of premium access.

A Reverse Index of Google

There are probably certain keywords that you are trying to target on your blog. For example, John has used a few initiatives to get rank for “make money online” and “root of all evil”. These strategies are for when you already know which keywords you want to target. With SeoDigger, “you can find out for which keywords your site ranks high enough to be in Google Top 20.”
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