June 16, 2008


Simple Ways To Get Free Traffic

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By : Wong Chendong

Setting up an offline business require a lot of things to be done. One well known example is the need of a large amount of capital. In order to make money it require money as well. But with the advance technology of the internetthere are many ways you could find to help optimize the potential of your offline business as well as online business in generating traffic. There are many ways to easily and quickly jump start your traffic flow.

The first and most important step you must remember is to have a proper mindset and alot of eagerness. Many fail in this important step and give up easily going back to their comfort zone. Do not let this happened to you as you must understand that building long term traffic is like you growing up. Am sure you have walk through life that is unhappy, but you still live on everyday, is the same to building long term traffic.

The second step you must have is the drive and perseverance to do alot of hardwork and research to generate even more free traffic for long term business. The hard work you need is only one and that only one is the “TIME“, do not expect to get hundreds to thousand of traffic in just a short time because the truth is you won’t.

How happy and excited will you be if you could drive targeted free traffic to your site everyday? There are many sites that contain articles with tips and guide lines to driving free targeted traffic to your site, to be honest with you those articles has too much traffic solution and in terms will make an amateur marketer to have confusion and information overload. What am going to share in this post is two type of traffic ways which is proven by many top marketers and guru that it is a guarantee way to build long term free traffic to your site, of course if you want to get fast traffic, you can use PPC which am not going to share in this post so let’s get started right now to the main topic.

Online Forums And Communities

Online forums and communities are the first free traffic method you should take advantage first. The great advantage of using online forums and communities is that you can target groups of people that fits the certain demographic that you are looking for. It is a great way to get in front of a large group of targeted audience.

Once you account has been created, make sure you read the rules in the forum and communities before you play around or you will get backfire by angry people who will try to shut your website down. Remember to make good use of the signature box that is provided. In case you don’t know what is a signature box, it is a place where you could include a direct link to your website which will get you free traffic when someone click it. There are few forums which allowed you to put up to 5 links which is good for you to have your other sites to get traffic too.

The next step you need to to is to build creditability. Do not advertise your links, especially affiliate links. Try your best to be active in your market, this is important because people will start to notice you. The best approach is to post significant replies in a meaningful threads. By sharing knowledge that you are expect in will build not just creditability for yourself but also good reputation too and trusted by many people in your market.

When people start to trust you as an expect, they will start to look up for you, which from there, you can actually start to self-promo or advertise your links or affiliate links. The trick and technique is to post as many post as possible to let others to know what you are good at and how you can help them.

Within the forum or communities you can also put a contest to give out something or gift which in terms make good relationship with them. As you know friends are always the best customers. When you have build good relationship, you will benefit of being able to earn some back links which will give you better page rank in search engine, which in terms give you free traffic flow. You see, using forums and communities could even win great customers and even get partners to join venture with, so many benefits, don’t you think is the most powerful way and guarantee way to have long term free traffic flow?

Writing And Submitting Articles

Article writing is a good way to drive traffic too. Writing articles to provide tips, guide lines, good service and knowledge to other people will give your site the necessary mileage your traffic flows need.Once again remember to make good use of the resource box when submitting articles. In case you don’t know what a resource box is, it is actually a box which allows you to put a link or a brief description of yourself or your sites.

In order to let readers to click your link, you will need to write something they are looking for or interested to read on. To be honest with you, the best is to write what you have expertise on. There are many product that allows you to submit articles to multiple directories, but it has proven well for me, so think twice before you spend money on those products.

Again if your articles are good or it is something people are looking for then you could even get back links, which could actually increase you page rank, in other words giving you free traffic. You see, I know writing articles is hard for some people out there but don’t worry, you can always outsource to someone else to do it. Submitting takes alot of time, this is the time that you need to take it, am sure it will benefit you alot for long term business online. By applying the two simple methods I mention above, soon you will get great amount of traffic flowing into your website without spending a cent.
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