July 30, 2013


Hijab: A Symbol of Obligation and Sacredness

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Why do you love the hijab?
One may have seen women covering head with a piece of cloth i.e. Scarf or a hijab. This is extensively worn by Muslim women all around the globe, ensuring their hair is under cover and not visible to men. At one end where girls with hijab follow the religious binding, to add to this it also gives them an exclusive look. Many people seeing girls with hijab, poses questions on its acquisition and to answer this Gods command is enough to summon. In Islam, Allah obligates all men and women to adopt modesty in all spheres of life and dressing is one part of it. So basically girls with hijab guard their adornment by covering their hair and body with a veil.

The importance of wearing hijab:
In various ayah of the Quran, Allah has ordered both men and women to lower their gaze and reflect modesty. Especially for women a dress code like this is described to cover her beauty and save her from potential difficulties that may arise as a result of exposure. Nevertheless, the girls with hijab themselves admit the degree of comfort and feel of protection that comes to them by wearing hijab.

Hijab, a compulsion or an alternative:
In some countries, wearing hijab is a law, so as the women of Qatar or Saudia Arabia move out of their house, they wear a hijab and Abaya as a compulsion. On the contrary in many other states and even in western countries people wear hijab as a personal choice. This is simply to oblige the command of God and take benefit from what God has chosen for the women. As they wear hijab with their will and carry it nicely, it proves that it’s more of a dress code than a burden.

Hijab with style:
Besides the significance of wearing hijab, it also makes depicts the fashion sense of women. Keeping the sole purpose of hijab intact, numerous hijab styles have grabbed the attention of hijab wearing girls. Keeping it simple yet elegant, girls wear it in a way that besides being comfortable looks good on them. It comes in various styles and square scarf is one of the highly appreciated one. No matter what the age of a woman is, she puts on the scarf in a way that complements her dressing style.

Hijab a symbol of piousness:
No doubt, what Islam chalks out for its follower is unquestionable and good in one way or another. Yet girls, who wear it with their heart believing in its importance, are highly appreciated. A young girl with hijab on her head is prized by men and taken a nice girl. With the rising fashion and style, girls find it convenient to choose one style that is easy to carry. As you move around you come across opinion of people for girls wearing hijab and the others too, which is just enough to let you know what the beauty of hijab is.
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