June 16, 2008


How To Start Making Money Within The Next 24 Hours As An Affiliate part 1

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By: Wong Chendong

First, getting back to the basics, what is an affiliate? In case you don’t know, an affiliate is a person who sells other people’s products or services via the internet. You’ll get paid a commission for every single sale you make as an affiliate. To be honest with you, many people just like you have make great incomes selling and promoting other people’s products or services online

In order to start making money as an affiliate in the next 24 hour, you’ll need to sign up an affiliate program which will give you an unique URL that can be use to send traffic to your website. Don’t worry, as most affiliate program are free to join. Later in this article, I’ll recommend an affiliate program that I personally join, since the day I started online.

Now back to the basics. You see, the ability to make money online without having your own products or services and doing your own customer service has help many people. If you are tired of punching the clock in the morning, disable, or retired, or have any other desire to be able to work from any location, affiliate marketing can provide an excellent source of income for you.

To be honest with you, no matter if you are a midget with bald, fat, cock-eye, butt ugly, toothless or bad breath, none of this will affect your chance of success in this type of business. You see, figuring out exactly how to make money online can be challenging if you are trying to do it yourself. Again don’t worry, you have come to the right site for the right help.

Introducing Russell Brunson Second Tier Affiliate Center. In the Second Tier Affiliate center when you sell their products, you make money without having to worry about the fulfillment and other hassles that come with creating, storing and even shipping your affiliate products. And the great part in the Second Tier Affiliate Center you get several tools that are available for you to promote your affiliate product. And this eventually shorten your time thinking of how to promote.
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