December 13, 2008


From Rags to Riches

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Nouveau Riche. Ever heard about it? It is actually a French word and literally translates to "new rich". That denotes to a person who gains considerable monetary power, wealth and great financial heights during his lifetime. It is generally used to denote a person who have become rich newly, that is have acquired all this wealth in a short span of time and before that were in a very miserable state financially. This is what we ideally call "From Rags to Riches", which means a man who was clad in rags and who didn't even have the money to buy clothes for himself and cover his body, becomes rich, with lots of wealth and money.

Many people in the Top level fortune 500 companies have been under this phase from Rags to Riches and thus are Nouveau Riche. You can see those all Nouveau Riche listed with all details about them given in is a website that has been exclusively and impressively designed for Independent Student Advisors (ISAs). You can get to know how fun and an amazing experience it would be to work with the Nouveau Riche Community of ISAs who market the incredible products. All your business needs will be satisfied here. You can watch videos, update yourself on the latest community news, check out the news letter, and also write and read testimonials to know what people and other fellow ISAs have to say about things here.
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