December 13, 2008


Get Success in the Business World

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Everybody must want to get success not only in life but also in career. But to get success in the business world, you cannot only rely on your good luck. You must have strong motivation and good education as well. Understanding about this, the successful entrepreneurs, Jim and Mary Piccolo have very great inspiration of sharing their business and educational experience to other people, especially to working professionals and entrepreneurs so that they will have the technical skills needed to build and operate their own businesses. That is the reason why Nouveau University was born.

In October 29, 2008, Nouveau University acquired the financially challenged Institute of Construction Management & Technology (ICMT) to continue to meet the need for educated management by offering bachelor's and master's degrees in the areas of construction management and construction technology.

Nouveau University also have amazing scholarship program. Recently, Margarito Najera, 17, of Phoenix, was awarded a full scholarship to Nouveau University, a Scottsdale-based online business school. The Five Star Scholarship was awarded by the Frank Edward Piccolo Foundation and is worth up to $60,000.

With Dr. Laura Palmer Noone as the new Chief Executive Officer, who has tremendous experience and expertise, Nouveau University is the best choice for everyone to who wants to get success in the business world.
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