February 01, 2009


Design Your Education in Nouveau Riche

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If you want to be the successful Real Estate Investor, you have to learn about concepts and strategies in Real Estate business. The only place that can give you comprehensive education and training about real estate investment is Nouveau Riche University. This online university provides world class, real estate investing education, tailored to meet the needs of their students with various background and experience levels.

Design your educational experience with three tuition options provided by Nouveau Riche; 30 NR hours, 60 NR hours and 120 NR hours. Select the tuition package that will meet your needs, based on what you know and where you want to go as a real estate investor.

Before scheduling any classes, each Nouveau Riche University student will have to take a Personal Preferences Questionnaire. This step allow you to design your education by selecting courses with various curriculum paths that meets your preferences and needs, based on your time, money and your desire to learn.

There have been many students of Nouveau Riche University enjoying their success in real estate business since taking the courses and training in Nouveau Riche. You can read testimonials and experience shared by them in Nouveau Riche Nationwide Community in facebook. Join Nouveau Riche and follow their success in real estate business.
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